Planting seedlings in a pot

There are two seedlings in each tiny compartment of my seed tray. I snipped away the smaller ones with a manicure scissors —from the four seedling I planted (in the last blog). I pull out the plug of soil and seedling (doesn’t matter how) when their roots come out the bottom of the compartment. If they are too fragile to pull out, they are not yet ready to be repotted or they are spindly unhealthy plants. I cut the plants apart with a sharp knife, and put them into a pot of compost. And no, it’s not too rich. The compost costs me nothing and, because the growing season is more erratic than ever, I need to strengthen these plants faster than in years past. The cold hangs around later; the wind, when it comes up, is intense; and the drought begins earlier each year. When I plant them into the earth they will go into a deep hole filled with compost.

SUN SUN SUN: Once the tomato seedling (or any summer garden seedling) is separated into its own pot, it goes in as much sun as I can find. I have a flat of my first potted up tomatoes sitting outside. The air (above freezing) is still warmer than the soil. If the temps dip toward freezing or there is a strong cold wind, I bring the flat inside for the night.

Planting seedlings in a pot : amazon

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