Biodegradable egg cartons for seedlings

1) Got a bunch of egg cartons (Thanks, John!) and punched holes in the bottom, for drainage.

2) Cut out a panel from the lid on three sides, so we have a flap of sorts on top, while stapling the original lid closed (we tried glue, but staples were easier). This means we can fill the cartons with soil all the way to the top, giving our little seedlings extra room to stretch their roots.

3) Filled the bottom half of the cartons with potting soil, and then put in enough seed starting medium on top for the seedlings to emerge into.

4) Put in our seeds, one future-plant per cell. We’re trying some yellow storage onions, red salad onions, white sweet onions, and cippolinis this year.

5) Closed the flap on top to keep in moisture while the seeds are germinating. Once they’re up, we’ll rip off those top panels and stick the cartons under lights to grow until the garden is ready for them.

We consider gardening, at least at our skill and experience level, to be one experiment after another. We’ve always got high hopes. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Biodegradable egg cartons for seedlings : amazon

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