Gala Apple Tree

Do not wait 3-5 years to start picking your apples Gala - Plant a better developed for fruit earlier and a lifetime of more apple tree!

Gala apples are so popular because of their sweet taste, but also their texture crisp business. They resist bruising, softening and other defects. You can even store up to 6 months.

Gala apple trees produce fruit in late spring for decision in August and September. On average, you will get between 6 and 12 bushels of apples Gala when your tree is mature.

Gala apples are adaptable and easy to grow. Yours will quickly mature to a great height up to 15 feet and have an oval shape full - making it an attractive courtyard tree.

You can even grow your organic Gala apples. Grow your own fruit without spraying chemicals.

It is essential that you buy an apple tree that is already "connected". This is where the nursery pruned back its young trees to promote more branches. More branches mean more fruit production earlier, strong limbs and a healthy tree. This method has already been apple to produce fruit in our nursery!

Most nurseries sell large stems, thin, without branches - these are called "beaters". They can take several years for the fruit and will generally be less productive maturity.

Our trees are pruned back and trained to develop a massive tree structure. This process means more work and an additional year for us, but the difference is that you are experiencing dramatic.

Before your trees are shipped, we give them one last pruning no extra cost to you. This final size allows your trees remain "eclipsed", which means you have more apples to facilitate picking up safely!

With proper care, you'll be able to start picking apples after the first season, or the first year under optimal conditions.

Order early because our popular Gala apple will sell quickly. Only limited quantity available.

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