Marvelous mailboxes in the gardening

You’ve got mail!  Get inspired next time you see an old discarded mailbox at a Flea Market or a yard sale.  Many folks have heard the idea for using an old mailbox to store some garden gloves or pruners, but these beauties have been taken a step further!  They’re  some of the best ideas from Flea Market Gardening.  A marvelous mailbox can be at home in your garden and be useful and decorative,…even charmingly rusty like this one from Darcy Franco.

Darcy says, “My husband had this made for me. The mailman missed it the first time he saw it! I painted the leaves and trunk left the mail box silver.”  The weathered, even rusty look of the surface looks just right and it has the forgotten look of the tipped pot…flowers overgrowing and spilling out.
”When my husband attaches something it doesn’t come down.  He doesn’t mess around. Old newspaper boxes, like this Indianapolis Star, are great to hang on your fence and stash away your hand trowels, pruning shears, gloves, and I always keep a sturdy kitchen knife too. Then you can grab and go….´ Julie Brown says.

Nancy Anne says, “My husband burnt a hole in the bottom with a torch and then used galvanized paint around the hole so it wouldn’t rust before putting the post through the hole into the ground.

iggleworks Design Studio sends us this mailbox set onto a ladder. They say, “Step ladder, recycled glass planter, mailbox planter, all inspired from this Flea Market Gardening page.

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