Smart watering tips for Summer

Homeowners devote as much as 60% of their home’s water to maintain lawns and landscapes. Much of it is wasted or lost to runoff, so a bit of smart planning can go a long way toward reducing both your environmental impact and your water bill.

Don’t let your landscape go thirsty on account of cracked pipes or rusty sprinkler heads. Start out the season with some routine maintenance to ensure that your irrigation system is in good working order.
For beds and individual plants, consider using soaker hoses or a drip irrigation system. By slowly administering water directly to the base of plants, these methods put water right where it’s needed while reducing waste. Use our quick guide to help you decide the best way to use drip irrigation in your landscape.
Turfgrass is often the thirstiest customer in your yard, so be sure that you’re watering evenly across the lawn. If you notice water cascading from some part of your yard, either when watering or during rainfall, hold onto that water by reducing runoff.
If your landscape is due for a change, spend some extra time selecting plants that are well-adapted to the amount of precipitation your yard gets annually. Practically countless are the hours of work and frustration you’ll save yourself with a few wise decisions now. Use our plant search engine to help find the best-suited plants for your region.
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