Kenny is a hedgehog saved my daughter last fall while he was freezing to death in the Quad stone at her school. After an expensive trip to the vet, where Tania discovered that it was too late for Kenny to engage in a coma - I brought him home to her apartment. And nested in her enormous pile of dirty laundry, but after two weeks on the occasion of his land with his urine all over her chairs, shoes and laundry, dumped Tanya her brand new maternal instincts and Kenny dumped me.

Not socially Kenny so I left him alone with a pile of straw, and a bowl of water and fresh food cat. (These guys are primarily carnivores.) That evening that wiped out cat food and built an elaborate nest in the corner of the greenhouse effect. He ate all the cat food, nibbled a few plants the option to leave at the level of the floor, and in the opposite corner left a pile of poop. And repeat this every night until mid-December, when Kenny disappeared through a hole in the floor of the greenhouse gases. I'm a little annoyed and continued to leave the cat food. Have remained untouched until a week ago when they were rock bottom floor of the greenhouse. Been chewed mustard seedlings, and all the smaller pots went over and back, in the far corner, and it was a pile of poop Kenny telltale.

Kenny is our third hedgehog, which seems to me as just about right for our 500 square meter garden. We found Mama and baby in the park last summer. (How they got to the walled garden I do not know.) And can climb the steps and climbed two flights to make winter quarters near the chicken coop where Java and confidentiality. Show that hedgehogs are a friend of the gardener night. They take time off from work for the winter when we really do not need it, dig in compost piles - warm in hibernation sometimes break in the middle to go out and eat. But from spring to autumn they eat slugs, insects and worms. Only one will hedgehog to keep the garden free from the earth at night slip / crawling pests. We got our ducks for slug consumption, but by the time mother enormous slugs come out to play about 10-PM-long duck their heads tucked under their wings and slept on the pond. And yes, hedgehogs to hang out in and around the hedges and look a bit like pigs when they were young.


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